Birthday celebrations

On the 12th of May the shop celebrated it’s 10th birthday. We thought it worth celebrating so we gave 10 bouquets away, lonely bouquet style, left at locations all around our village with notes attached to say take me home or give me to someone in need. We had some lovely phone calls and emails to say who had found them and where they went to. Our fabulous high street neighbours Lucy Lou’s created a magnificent balloon structure and Mrs Lyons baked perfect Wild flower style cup cakes. Of course we poured a little fizz and got many cards and messages from well wishers. 10 years may not seem a lot to some folk, yet as a small high street retailer in a village it’s a miracle to survive in this day and age. We have withstood a brutal recession, months of road closures outside the shop and an upsurge in “at home” florist competitors that just don’t have the overheads we do and don’t even get us started on supermarket flowers! We have had to make changes to compete in such a difficult environment and Kerry doesn’t mind to admit that on three occasions it’s all nearly been given up. Yet the passion for what we do and how we sit within our community gives us that drive to continue. We have simply the most amazing customers, some of you have weird requests, some of you are predictable in your choices but you have become part of our floral family. You make us smile, laugh, cry and give us such happiness in our work so thank you, for sharing our journey and making it special.  Oh, and keep bringing your dogs in, we love a visitor with paws!