Workshop Wizardary

So, Sunday 29th October we well and truly welcomed the Autumn season with our first full day flowers and photography workshop in collaboration with Robyn from Bobtale Photography. Robyn and I chatted about what we wanted to achieve for the students and our aim was for them firstly to have FUN. Secondly, create something they didn’t know they were able to and thirdly, know how to take better pictures and get the most out of social media. 

On a personal level I loved pulling this class together. Making a Pinterest board to get my inspiration helped my develop what style I wanted to teach and opted for a wild natural compote container arrangement. In the class we discussed the floral foam V’s chicken wire debate for their mechanics and touched on principles and elements of design because the style we wanted to create was all about texture, movement, space and colour. It’s so exciting going to the market to choose what we are going to use. We added in pomegranates, apples and dried coral fern that had been sprayed with rose gold paint, ahhh lush! 

The students were so enthusiastic and really went for it creating some stunning arrangements. Only needing a few tweaks here and there.

After the hard work we relocated to The Allotment where they sectioned off our own area and provided us with an amazing vegetarian platter of tasty food, drinks and the most delicious Victoria sponge cake. After refreshments Robyn got us focused on photography, discussing how to take better photographs using a camera or phone camera. Such simple tips can really aid getting the most out of your equipment and ultimately making your subject really shine on the image. The students really got into the groove seeing them setting shots up, outside in the leaves on the ground and Robyn even told us about flat/stack lays. The pictures we now see on Facebook and Instagram are a testament to how good she was at teaching her knowledge. 

Easiest way to describe this fantastic workshop is to show you some photos. Enjoy whilst we get thinking of new workshops for 2018!